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Looking For No Remote? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Check Out No Remote on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Huge Choice of PlayStation Controllers In Stock Now with Next Day Delivery Available! Shop the Best Range of PlayStation Controllers. 0% Financing & Next Day Delivery Availabl PS5 Remote Play Disconnecting (How To Fix) Check Sony PlayStation Network Services Status. Get Internet Connection With Minimum 15 MBPS Speed. Use Wired Connection Instead of WiFi Update Your PS5 Software Restart Remote Play for Troubleshooting Restart Your P

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I use a separate studio mic for my ps5 and use plug in headphones through the controller. On my ps4, through share play, it sounds horrific for my friend. I have it plugged into my playstation 4 with a USB cable. I have no idea why this is happening. When I go to the mic menu it comes up as 'microphone on remote play device' and I cant alter it. I also can't hear myself on the adjust mic audio screen. Any advice PS Remote Play ist eine kostenlose Funktion für alle PS4- und PS5-Konsolen. Hier ist alles, was du brauchst: Deine PS5 oder PS5 Digital Edition, PS4 oder PS4 Pro 1 mit Verbindung zu deinem kabelgebundenen Breitbandnetzwerk. Ein kompatibles Gerät, das ebenso mit deinem Netzwerk verbunden ist; Die kostenlose PS Remote Play-App PS Remote Play Not Working On PC Laptop Windows ps4 ps5 remoteplay fix it. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your.

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The real Dualshock controller must then be connected to the PS5/ PS4 profile which is not currently used by the PSPlay Remote Play client, otherwise the Remote Play connection will be terminated. During the gamepad mode no Audio and Video stream will be processed but the console is sending these data anyway so please keep in mind that this will have an impact on your internet traffic Yeah, it was the Host Sound for me which fixed the issue. The thing which caught me off guard is, I never use Play Together. I only stream from my Windows computer to my Linux computer. When audio stopped working, it really didn't know why. On the host, Windows computer, I needed to enable audio on host for Remote Play

Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next. Cancel. Autoplay is paused. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and. The remote play app for Windows just updated to add PS5 support. In the settings it only goes up to 1080p. But this time it does also add a HDR option. Previously the image looked washed out and terrible if you remote played to a PC while HDR was set to on on the PS4. There's no option to set.. How to Set Up Surround Sound for a Soundbar or Home Theater System. The PS5 supports 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, whether you're using an AV receiver with dedicated speakers or a sound bar system. With Remote Play, you can control your PlayStation® console remotely wherever you have a high-speed internet connection. Using the [PS Remote Play] app, you can control your PlayStation®5 console or PlayStation®4 console from a device in a different location. For example, you can use a computer in another room or a smartphone * when you're out to enjoy PS5™ and PS4™ games Additionally, PS5 Remote Play has no framerate options, which we take to mean that it will just always stream at 60fps or at whatever framerate the game naturally plays at. via ResetEra . Expect to see similar updates for the PS Remote Play app on iOS and Android to arrive soon. We're learning a lot about the Playstation in the month leading up to its release. A recent hardware teardown.

Remote play cannot be used on your mobile device's cellular data network. Broadband internet with at least 5Mbps broadband internet is required. Broadband internet with 15Mbps via a LAN cable is recommended for the best experience. Your favorite PlayStation games 1 on more screens. Stream your PlayStation games from your console to your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, PS5 or PS4 consoles. PS Remote Play. Para usar o recurso Uso remoto, é preciso ter um console PS5 ou PS4. Com o recurso Uso remoto, é possível controlar remotamente o console PlayStation® em qualquer lugar que tenha uma conexão à Internet de alta velocidade. Usando o aplicativo [PS Remote Play], você pode controlar remotamente o console PlayStation®5 ou o console. With PS5, you'll also be able to access your PS5 from a PS4 console or another PS5 via Remote Play. Learn more about Remote Play, including app download links, here. Are there any other changes to Remote Play with the launch of PS5? We're updating PS4's Remote Play feature. Now, in addition to being able to access your PS4 from a PC or a mobile device, your PS4 can access other consoles via Remote Play too, right on your TV. This includes the ability to connect to your PS5. 3. PS4 Remote Play audio issues. Open the Settings app and go to Update & Security section. Select Troubleshoot from the menu on the left. Select Playing Audio from the right pane and click Run the troubleshooter You might notice when turning on your PS5 that the controller's built-in mic will always be on by default, but you can change this: 1) Select Settings from the Home Screen 2) Go to Sound > Microphon

Selbst, wenn ein Titel auf der PS5 flüssig in 4K laufen sollte, könnt ihr diese Auflösung per Remote Play nicht nutzen. Ihr müsst also auf 1080p ausweichen. Aber selbst das kann Probleme bereiten To disable home screen music and sound effects, head into the system Settings and go to the Sounds menu. Once there, navigate down to Audio Output and scroll all the way down to the General sectio

The issue with these can potentially be worked around by connecting the PS5 directly to your TV and then running the sound out of the TV to the soundbar via ARC technology (assuming your TV. Even though the PS5 can do impressive stuff like play 4K gaming, 3D Audio, playing Netflix, and handling Blu-Ray Discs, the console lacks a simple web-browser. Technically, there is a crude web browser that lets you browse the internet but it's buried deep in the settings. There are ways to browse the internet on PS5 as you do on your computer. 6. Mute Your Chats. As simple as this sounds, I.

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The PS5 can easily play back custom media saved on a USB stick. The PS5 doesn't support all file formats, but it does play back the most common ones like MP4, MP3, and MKV However the PS4 doesn't support this, lucky the proximity between the 2 rooms would allow good connectivity if the controller was connected directly to the PS5 however every-time you connect a controller to the PS5 it disconnects the remote play session

The PS5 Media Remote is pure ass for watching disc based media PS3 and PS4. I still use my PS3 as a Blu ray player because of its amazing remote (and ability to play region free discs with modding). Kolibri. Member. Nov 6, 2017 1,506. Nov 13, 2020 #24 Atheerios said: Probably because almost nobody uses disc media anymore. Click to expand... Click to shrink... lol, sure. purseowner. Member. How to use PS5 remote play on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and PS4. Although setting up remote play on PS5 is easy, there are a few things you should know before you start streaming. First, connect your.

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  1. While this list is good for now, it's slightly annoying that 3D audio doesn't sound like it will be in every PS5 game. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Marvel's Spider-Man Remastere
  2. The first thing you'll need to do is navigate to the PlayStation 5's settings menu using the gear in the top right corner. Next, navigate all the way down to the Sound section of the.
  3. Here's what's happened to me several times since I got my PS5. I'll be playing a game, having a fine time, and then I'll go make lunch or go write a post about the problems with next-gen.
  4. Sony has recently published a survey that concerns the Remote Play function of the PlayStation, which allows you to play your console remotely, thanks to another device
  5. • Enter text on your PS4 or PS5 using the keyboard on your mobile device.</p You will need to have an Android device running 7.0 or higher to enjoy PS5 games on the go using PS Remote Play though
  6. Remote Play is a feature of Sony video game consoles that allows the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to transmit its video and audio output to another device; previously this could only be a PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita. In 2014, it was expanded to include the use of PlayStation TV, Xperia smartphones and tablets, and PlayStation Now. In 2016, it was expanded to Microsoft Windows PCs and macOS. Finally, iOS and Android are supported. Support for remote.
  7. First, you'll need to enable the feature on your PS5. Head to the Settings menu and to go System > Remote Play and flip the Enable Remote Play switch on

Just plug it right into your DualSense controller. It sounds incredible, and there's a reason for that We're guessing that feature will be available to PS4 titles that make their way to the new console only, and that Sony has no plans to use remote play on PS5 titles. So while it would be somewhat.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.Announced in 2019 as the successor to the PlayStation 4, the PS5 was released on November 12, 2020, in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North America, Singapore and South Korea, with worldwide release following a week later.The PlayStation 5 along with Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. How PS5 Remote Play Works On PS4. Ian Walker . 11/10/20 2:00PM. 35. 3. Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku. A surprise application appeared on everyone's PlayStation 4 yesterday that allows the console to.

YouTuber Kevin Kenison posted a video detailing how Remote Play works on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X via resetera.While you won't be able to use a PS4 controller on the console directly, it. I was playing Sackboy with my fiance and I wanted to promote the game but it wouldn't allow me to stream from her ps5. Perhaps bc it was her profile that started the game? Thing is, I did sign in to play co op so I assumed I could stream from my portion. I even linked my Twitch but it kept trying to connect and never worked. Any advice is welcomed Sony has confirmed that the existing PS4 will soon let you access your other PlayStation consoles remotely, including the PS5, with a new app for the PS4. PS5 Remote Play sounds perfect for the. Sound steaming is top notch too. However on the PS5 you cannot see the bottom nav bar (with power options, switcher, etc.) when you press the PS button it is almost hidden by the apps GUI on screen. I tried turning off the overlays but it only hides the D-Pad and buttons. It should really turn off all GUI elements if you've specified this. It would also make it more immersive taking up all the space on the screen (I have a 12 Pro Max) rather than having a dark gradient at the bottom. VLC no sound is one of the most prominent issues that you can find on VLC player. This article has highlighted the VLC no sound scenarios and solutions in detail. However, as important as solutions are, it's imperative that you be equipped with information on how to prevent VLC no sound on video altogether. Below are the top tips to avoid VLC.

No issues while I was using the console. The LG CX does not pass DTS through it. But I don't have any DTS content, so I don't care about that. 1 - PS5 > Denon X6700H Reciever Hdmi 2.0 > LG CX 2 - PS5 > LG CX > eARC to Denon Receiver I did breifly have an audio issue when doing eARC. Where I was only getting stereo audio to my receiver. Then I. A headline feature in the PS5 is 3D Audio, or if someone wants to watch a movie and someone else wants to play a game at the same time. Remote Play is the solution you're looking for. You. PS5 Remote Play Between PS4, PC, and Other Devices Sony surprised its fans recently when it revealed that the PS5 version of the Remote Play app will now allow users to stream their PS5 to their. Thankfully, Remote Play is literally just streaming the PS5 to your phone, so there's no apparent limit on what games you can play so long as it runs on the new console...with a couple exceptions Ps4 remote play pc no audio Artigo ID : SX365222 / Última Modificação : 08/10/2016 Você pode definir a qualidade padrão de transmissão (960x540) ou superior (1280x720). O nível de latência depende da sua conexão Wi-Fi®. Recomendamos que você use um cabo LAN para se conectar entre o console PS4™ e o roteador wi-fi®. Para definir a qualidade de streaming para o PS4 Remote Play A.

Sony is revealing its first PS5 commercial, and it's all about 3D audio and the new controller. Sony is focusing on haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio to immerse players into next. PS Remote Play ist eine Funktion der PlayStation 4, mit der Sie Ihre Lieblings-PS4- oder PS5-Spiele auf der beliebten Konsole weiter spielen können. Zunächst nur auf Sony Xperia-Smartphones verfügbar, können Sie Konsolentitel auch auf allen anderen Android-Telefonen spielen. Es ist nicht möglich, zwei DS4-Controller an einen PC/Mac für den lokalen Mehrspielermodus anzuschließen. Der lokale Mehrspielermodus ist nur möglich, wenn ein Spieler direkt über die PlayStation verbunden ist The PS5's controller is the first real indication that Sony has opted to go beyond sheer processing power and aimed for a more holistic upgrade encompassing the way games feel and sound. The new DualSense is a massive step up from its DualShock predecessor, and is packed with technology that helps immerse you in the games you play in new and inventive ways PS5 Video Walks You Through System Settings. A new video shows you some of the things you may want to fiddle with when you start your PS5, from sound to sleep settings PSPlay offers you the possibility to remote control your PS5/ PS4 without limitations. You can play your favorite games remotely while you are away (your router at home must be configured accordingly in order to connect over mobile data from away, more information below*). PSPlay has been optimized to provide streaming experiences with the lowest possible latency. Third-Party controllers and.

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PS5 Remote Play will be supported: Players will be able to access their PS5 from a PC or mobile device via Remote Play in the same way as PS4. With PS5, you'll also be able to access your PS5 from a PS4 console or another PS5 via Remote Play. However, the DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PS4 console PS5 Reddit ; Any idea if the PS5 still supports remote play via PS Vita? Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Youtube; Sky; Blueberry; Slate; Blackcurrant; Watermelon; Strawberry; Orange; Banana; Apple; Emerald; Chocolate; Charcoal; Join our Brand new PS5 Community! Join our exciting new PS5 community! Sign-up takes 5 seconds Sign In; or; Sign Up; PS5 Reddit. A blog by RSS Bot. Sign in to follow.

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The best PS5 accessories are must buys for anyone that's been lucky enough to find a PS5 console. The console is a fantastic, fun piece of kit, but those extra peripherals can have make a massive. This remote is a great add on for your PS5 especially if you plan on using any of the installed streaming apps. It has integrated buttons on the remote for Disney Plus. Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. I also love the small compact size which is different from the PS3 and PS4 larger sizes and the white color goes perfectly with the PS5

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As per writing this review have used this ps5 controller for about 4 hrs and so far it's excellent I'm using ds4windows and steam controller software to play my games it works on all games and compatibility is not an issue . The only thing that concerns me is in about 6 months to see whether the analog sticks drift or not . I'll probably Edit this review then . You will miss out on some. Turn on remote play If you want to stream your games from your PS5 to your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or PS4 console, you'll want to make sure remote play is enabled in your settings As you would expect, PlayStation fans have plenty of theories on the patent, including speculation that the PS5 will support remote play, though this seems particularly unlikely unless Sony is. The downside is that there is no 4K remote-play streaming option available (for now). If you already own a PS4 and want to be able to enjoy your PS5 games on multiple TVs in your home without having to move the console around, then this option, however niche, is pretty awesome. It's worth mentioning, however, that streaming a PS5 game to the.

It comes in the standard light grey of the PS5 stuff, personally I dislike it, I'd have rather had black, but that will be entirely personal preference. For something to use as a media controller you would have thought it might have a simple on/off button, instead you have to go through the playstation button. There is no eject button. Only fast forward/rewind buttons, not next/previous track. No simple subtitles button (daughter is hard of hearing so often use that). No top menu/pop up menu. Miles Morales PS5. 7. It Features 3D Audio The visuals of a game are only a fraction of the experience. To ensure PS5 games sound just as good as they look, Sony integrated Tempest 3D AudioTech. The PS Remote Play Android app already supports the PS5 If you were hoping to use Remote Play on the PS5 right at launch, you're in luck. Because Sony updated the Android app earlier this week. No, the PS5 system doesn't include a dedicated web browser app. How does Remote Play on PS5 work? Players will be able to access their PS5 from a PC or mobile device via Remote Play in the same way as PS4. With PS5, you'll also be able to access your PS5 from a PS4 console or another PS5 via Remote Play Use PS Remote Play to access your PS5™ or PS4™ via Wi-Fi wherever you go. With PS Remote Play, you can: • Display the PS5 or PS4 screen on your mobile device. • Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS5 or PS4. • Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device. • Enter text on your PS5 or PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device. To use this.

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Wir aktualisieren das Remote Play-Feature der PS4. Jetzt kannst du nicht nur von einem PC oder einem Mobilgerät aus auf deine PS4 zugreifen, sondern deine PS4 kann auch über Remote Play direkt auf deinem Fernseher auf andere Konsolen zugreifen. Dazu gehört auch die Möglichkeit, eine Verbindung zu deiner PS5-Konsole herzustellen und ein PS5-Spiel auf deiner PS4 zu streamen, damit du es dort spielen kannst. Darüber hinaus bietet Remote Play Unterstützung für bis zu drei weitere Benutzer. Jason Faulkner Thursday, November 12, 2020. The PlayStation 5 is the first Sony console since the PS1 to come without optical audio out. For many users, the lack of a TOSLINK connection isn't a. Quick verdict. While there was no official media remote for the PS4, it makes a welcome return as an optional accessory for PS5. Pairing very simply, yet also able to control your TV and sound.

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You'll need to get yourself a Bluetooth adapter/transmitter gadget, which you'll plug into the audio output on your TV or monitor - this will connect the noise from your telly to your Bluetooth headphones. (You could even plug the adapter into your PS5 controller if you don't fancy faffing around on the rear of your telly. Restart Remote Play on your PC. If Remote Play still won't connect, make sure that you restart it. On your computer, open the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), select PS4 Remote Play under the.

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Sound Blaster G3 is our very first external USB DAC and Amp sound card that is powered by USB-C and is made to work directly with your PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac via a plug-and-play format — all without the need for separate driver support! Featuring our new GameVoice Mix for audio / chat.. In particular, its HRTF sound profiles that tune the game audio to your ears will initially be limited to a handful of presets, while support for spatial audio will first support headsets and then. The DreamController company easily makes one of the most beautiful looking custom remotes out there, no doubt. I love this cherry blossom design. Essentially though, from the inside, nothing has changed. It is the same PS5 remote control that you get straight from the factory, which is a great thing as the PS5 remote is a revolutionary and amazing innovation

Since PS5's tempest 3d audio will only work through th 3.5mm jack of the dualsense controller or through USB, I'd like to get some help finding a USB DAC that I can use with PS5. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 599 SE that I'd be using (50 Ohm). I know they work through the 3.5mm jack of the Dualshock 4 but they sound kinda meh like that. I normally use them with an SMSL SD 793-II DAC connected to the TV/console through optical and to the wall to get energy. This won't work anymore for 3d. Hallo, Ich Spiele über meinen Laptop und PS4 Remote Play und habe mir jetzt einen gebrauchten 2. Monitor organisiert ( Pro Lite E2482HSD IIyama). Wenn ich das Remote Fenster mit dem Spiel vom Laptop Hauptmonitor auf den 2. Monitor schiebe sieht man eine eindeutige Grafik Verschlechterung. Bei.. It's claimed a redesigned 3D audio engine will deliver more immersive sound and this will apparently require no new hardware to achieve. It will simply work through your existing TV speakers and. As Remote Play works on your smartphone, you might want to consider grabbing a phone mount. The Orzly PS5 Controller Phone Mount clips to your DualSense joypad, providing a clamp for your phone to. Top Trending Best PS5 Games to Play. If you are among the millions of PS5 owners then obviously you can't wait to test out your new next-gen console and experience the next level of technology. We got you covered with the following list of best games you can try out now on PS5. Get The Best PS5 Games Today! 1. Demons' Soul

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Our PS5 DualSense complete guide will cover all the features, specs, questions, and more, telling you everything you need to know about the DualSense Wenn ihr einen PS5-Controller über ein USB-Kabel an ein PC- oder Mac-Gerät anschließt und dann die Remote Play-Funktion der PS4 verwendet, funktioniert der Controller wie erwartet. Zwar.

At $99.99, they are a good value, and they take advantage of the new 3D Audio feature on the PS5. Hidden noise-canceling microphones in the headphones allow you to chat without a boom mic sticking. For the best experience, use a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller when playing PS4 games and PS VR games on a PS5 console. PS5 games are not compatible with the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller. To adjust the strength of controller vibration on PS5 consoles, go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Vibration Intensity Even though the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller is pretty great, and I really love the new Create button on it, your old DualShock 4 isn't useless. In fact, you can easily use the PS4 controller with your PS5 to play PS4 titles on your new console. That's pretty great, but sometimes, you might find that your PlayStation 4 DualShock controller isn't connecting with your PS5

The WH-XB900N is the kind of headset you buy once, and then you never need to spend money for good quality audio again. Sold for $199.99, this pair of headphones boast a noise-cancelling feature that will transform your gaming sessions. The only caveat is that there's no mic. But don't fret, you can buy a line-in mic that connects via aux, and all your problems are solved. If you don't want to spend any extra money, remember that th Windows 10 Remote Play is a great way to keep playing Xbox games while away from the console itself, but still within the home environment. It isn't the same as Xbox Game Streaming, which doesn. [If you already own the PS4™ version of this game, you can get the PS5™ digital version at no extra cost and you do not need to purchase this product. Owners of a PS4™ disc copy must insert it into the PS5™ every time they want to download or play the PS5™ digital version. PS4™ game disc owners who buy the PS5™ Digital Edition disc-free console will not be able to get the PS5.

That PS5 'Buzzing' Sound Might Not Be the Coil Whine After All . Zarmena Khan Saturday, November 21, 2020. Last week, we reported that PlayStation 5 users were complaining about a mysterious. PS5 & PS4: Wiedervereinigung via Remote Play. Die PS5 setzt auf eine umfangreiche Abwärtskompatibilität, was dazu führt, dass 99 Prozent der PS4-Bibliothek auf der Next-Gen-Konsole spielbar ist This remote is basically a paperweight for me because I bought a OLED 4k Sony TV last year and I discovered that the main TV remote works as a PS5 remote. I would have never purchased it had I known the PS5 interfaces with newer Sony TVs and their remotes. While I'm glad the TV remote feature exists (and it works very well!), I'm irritated that this specialized remote was a wasted purchase. If.

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That's not to say the PS5's bespoke 3D audio system isn't good, because it really is. We test it with a pair of B&O BeoPlay H2 on-ears and the extravagant Grado GS2000e over-ears, each plugged into the DualSense controller, plus the official, wireless PS5 Pulse 3D headset. In each case, we find that the so-called Tempest Engine delivers open, spacious and atmospheric sound with good placement of effects and a convincing sense of three-dimensionality PULSE 3D™ wireless headset. Play in comfort with a wireless headset fine-tuned for 3D Audio on PS5 consoles 2. Featuring USB Type-C™ charging and dual noise-cancelling microphones, you can keep the party chat flowing with crystal-clear voice capture 3 Additional menu icons allow features like data transferring between PS4 and PS5 consoles, as well as Share Factory and Remote Play set-ups. What PS5 Settings Offerings There Are. The usual PlayStation settings can also be found by following the Settings gear icon near the top right of the screen. A number of display options will change text and invert colors. Other Accessibility features.

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This includes the ability to connect to your PS5 and stream a PS5 game to your PS4 so you can play it there. So go on, give your PS4 a little more shelf-life with the PS5 Remote Play feature. 7. PS4 Remote Play Not Working, How To Fix. The most common problem with Remote Play is connectivity issues. As such, Sony recommends utilising a wired Internet connection for better stability. If you're itching to get your God of War fix right now but aren't near your PS5, you can use the PS Remote Play app to stream your PS5 games to a PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or PS4—either in the.

Play in comfort with a wireless headset fine-tuned for 3D Audio on PS5 consoles2 . Featuring USB Type-C™ charging and dual noise-cancelling microphones, you can keep the party chat flowing with crystal-clear voice capture3. DualSense™ charging station. Charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers simultaneously without having to connect them to your PlayStation®5 console. Media remote. Sony PS5- Stunning games Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features. Sony Play Station5- Ray Tracing Icon Ray tracing Immerse yourself in worlds with a new level of realism as rays of light are individually simulated, creating true-to-life shadows and reflections in supported PS5 games. Buy Sony Playstation 5 (Sony PS5) - PS5 Console 825GB in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and all over Saudi Arabia online. We have Super Fast Delivery all over Saudi Where previous consoles created the illusion of 360 audio by bumping up the audio effect when you get closer, Tempest3D uses the GPU, timed effects, and Head-related Transfer Function, or HRTF for. Windows Remote Desktop Connection will play sound from the remote computer on the one you are using to access it by default. If you are having trouble you can check that the correct options are set by launching the Remote Desktop software, opening the advanced settings, and selecting to Play on this device Sony showed off a few first-party accessories to go with the PS5, including a charging stand for the DualSense controllers, a media remote, a camera, and the Pulse 3D wireless headset for audio

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