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Shipment Booking cs.ebay@lexship.com eBay Global Shipping: Contact persons: ops@ebay.co Call eBay CS - ask for the Global Shipping Team - and ask them to intervene, or what to do next

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  1. Check if you're still within your deadline and try filing a claim on the Resolution Centre (link below). If you're not past your deadline, the refund should come from eBay/Pitney Bowes -- not the seller. You can try contacting bennett4612 and Pitney Bowes: http://support.pb.com/ekip/index?page=freeform&id=FR19
  2. If you create your own shipping label, include a reference number. Find the reference number on the Order details page along with the buyer's name and the address of the Global Shipping Center. If you purchase USPS insurance, it protects you against any loss or damage to the package only until it reaches the Global Shipping Center. ShipCover insurance isn't available for Global Shipping Program shipments to the Global Shipping Center
  3. How do i contact the global shipping support to return a faulty item? The seller keeps telling me to contact ebay directly to return the item but i can't find anywhere in the support pages to do this. 0 Helpful

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The tracking on eBay is split in two 1) seller to UK centre, 2) GSP centre to destination. If there is no tracking, as the item was sent un-tracked you are still on stage one (not received by GSP, or quite possible received but tracking details not yet added). Royal Mail won't class the item as lost until 10 working days after the due date. Assuming there is still no tracking number in about one week then the item will be classed as lost. At which stage message the seller and ask them to. Once I learned that Pitney Bowes was the relevant company, I was able to find my package's tracking info in about 10 seconds. Step 1: Go to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Tracker page at https://parceltracking.pb.com/app/#/dashboard/. Step 2: Enter your eBay-supplied Global Tracking number (mine began with UPAA... Per E-Mail an einen Freund senden. Anstößigen Inhalt melden. 04-07-2017 15:37. Über das Global Shipping Program liest man ja wenig Gutes. Vor einer Woche habe ich dann nun auch einmal etwas in UK ersteigert, dass über das GSP versendet wird. Über die negativen Berichte bin ich erst später gestolpert

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  1. If an item sold through the Global Shipping Programme is classified as 'undeliverable' after being accepted at the UK Shipping Centre, eBay will send you an email to let you know. We'll also communicate with your buyer and, subject to any applicable terms between eBay and the buyer, will provide a refund to your buyer. You won't be responsible for reimbursing eBay for this refund, and the item will be disposed of appropriately as an 'undeliverable' item
  2. eBay International Priority Shipping Pakete von USA nach Deutschland werden oft von Artis-Web.de, UPS, GLS, DHL Paket and myHermes DE. Sobald Ihr Paket das Global Shipping Center in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA, verlassen hat, wird es für die internationale Lieferung an einen der Subunternehmer von Pitney Bowes übergeben
  3. Global Shipping Program (GSP) The Global Shipping Program simplifies the purchase of goods from sellers from the United States and Great Britain for buyers from other countries. Also known as International Priority Shipping. After payment the seller sends the goods to the local sorting center in the USA or Great Britain. Specialists on international shipments at the sorting center will process the parcel, fill in customs declarations, pay the relevant import charges and send the goods to.
  4. You can opt out of the Global Shipping program at any time. Here's how: Go to Manage Shipping Preferences - opens in new window or tab. Select Edit beside Global Shipping Program. Select Opt Out. Please note it may take up to 72 hours to process your request. You can also remove a single active listing from the Global Shipping Program. Here's how
  5. Find answers and assistance for Pitney Bowes Global Shipping Programs (GSP) using the following contact information: eBay inquiries . Go here for eBay inquiries Amazon deliveries outside the US . Go here for Amazon inquiries PayPal inquiries . As a PayPal user, go to the PayPal customer support portal and select a contact method. Questions about the Cross-Border Shipping Program (Borderfree) offered by other retailer
  6. my GSP go to GSP Shipping Centre, 1 Langham Park South Normanton, Derbyshire, DE55 2GF with a code number under the buyers name, and I just send there using my normal UK postage. Message 2 of 3 See Most Recen

A seller can still ship an Item out of the USA without Global Shipping. EBAY is the only one that benefits from Global shipping it collects this import duty money, and only gives it to the buyers importing country if asked by that country(allegedly) . In Canada most buyers handle their own import duty. Also some products are not import dutyable and yet EBay charges and collects the money Nach vielen Käufen in UK mit Lieferung nach Österreich kann ich festellen, dass das ebay Global Shipping Service oder Program, das von ebay den Verkäufern teilweise untergejubelt wird, miserabel ist. Dieses Service, das von manchen Verkäufern gar nicht als solches erkannt wird, weil nämlich die Transaktionen bei Käufern und Verkäufern im Screen unterschiedlich aussehen (z.B. sieht der Verkäufer als Versandadresse eine Adresse in UK und nicht die des Käufers, was bei Abklärungen. After receiving your payment, the seller sends your item to a local US or UK Shipping Centre. International experts at the UK or US Shipping Centre process the package, complete customs forms, pays applicable import charges, and sends the package to the address that you specified at the time of purchase. Items that are dispatched through the Global Shipping Programme generally arrive within 1 week after leaving the UK or US Shipping Centre

Hallo :) Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand helfen. Ich habe etwas bei einer privaten Auktion in England bestellt und der Verkäufer hat dies über das Global Shipping System versendet. Nun erhielt ich gestern die Mitteilung, dass die Sendung zugestellt wurde - dem ist jedoch überhaupt nicht so. Ich habe ni.. I have bought an item from a seller in USA and I am from Canada. My item was purchased on March 17. It is now March 31 and it has been in the KY Global Shipping Program Centre since March 24 with absolutely no updates and I am starting to get worried since the seller told me after they ship it to this location the transaction it completely out of his hands basically meaning I am screwed if it.

I have noticed that all items that I have sent to the new global shipping centre in Lichfield via Royal Mail signed for or special delivery are not having a signature taken. I contacted Ebay and royal Mail about this. Ebay are going to investigate (after all, you have to prove it has been delivered to the GSP centre to be covered for ebay protection). Royal Mail told me that the parcels get sent to this address in bulk, and one signature is taken for the whole delivery, and not for. That did occur to me after I made that post, but after thinking about it a bit more, we really don't know for sure how items are transported from Kentucky to Canada as none of us has seen the Global Shipping Center in action. Remember a year or so ago, there were a couple or more posts from eBayers living in Quebec who had had their GSP items pretty clearly forwarded through USPS. In addition.

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We make international shipping easy and affordable. Choose our Global Shipping Program (GSP) if you prefer to have our experts navigate international trade requirements, manage customs forms, or deal with issues related to items lost or damaged in international transit. GSP does it all for you. Learn more eBay's Global Shipping Program is open to sellers who have a performance rating of at least Above Standard. The item to be shipped must already be in the seller's country and listed for sale on eBay.com or eBay.co.uk. The seller must accept PayPal We've changed the way you get help from eBay. Our 1-866-540-3229 phone number is no longer in service, and 1-866-961-9253 is now a dedicated line for customers who may have experienced fraud on their account. If your query is not related to fraudulent activity, our experts on this line won't be able to help you

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Bei eBay finden Sie Artikel aus der ganzen Welt. Verkäufer aus dem Ausland können Ihnen Artikel regulär über einen internationalen Versandservice zuschicken. Falls ein Verkäufer in den USA oder Großbritannien ansässig ist, kann er das eBay-Programm zum weltweiten Versand (GSP) nutzen eBay Impact Contacts. Contact the eBay Impact team about our initiatives to drive positive social and environmental change.. Contact Global Impac You can monitor the location of your order in two ways: 1) by visiting ebay.com or 2) by using the eBay mobile app. On the regular site: Go to My eBay. Log into your account. Navigate to purchase history. Click on the item in question. Find the tracking code inside the green area. Click on the code. See the complete tracking information. On the mobile app Das Global Shipping Program hat weder bei eBay noch bei Pitney-Bowes Ansprechpartner oder gar einen Kundendienst. Keine Adresse, keine Telefon- oder Fax-Nummer, und keine E-Mail. Der eBay-Support fühlt sich nicht zuständig

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eBay-Hotline: Per Rufnummer Kontakt zum Support herstellen. Wollt ihr den eBay-Newsletter abbestellen oder sogar euer eBay Konto löschen, schaut in unseren weiteren Artikeln vorbei. Sollten. Shipping internationally through the Global Shipping Program. Before adding international shipping to your listings, consider using our Global Shipping Program. The benefits include: You only need to send your item to our domestic shipping center and we'll take care of the rest. We'll manage international shipping and customs, and add tracking information so you and your buyer know when the item will be delivere If your seller is sending the item through the Global Shipping Program, you'll see the GSP logo on the listing. Benefits of the Global Shipping Program for buyers: You'll pay all postage, taxes, and import charges(including processing charges and any applicable GST or other import charges) up front, and you won't have to pay any extra charges when your item is delivered

Buying from sellers not using the Global Shipping Program. If you're buying from a seller who isn't sending the item through the Global Shipping Program, you'll pay the cost of delivery at checkout. However, you may still have to pay any necessary customs, import fees, and taxes when your item arrives. These import charges are generally based on the item's price, weight, dimensions, and country of origin, as well as any taxes, duties, and fees added by your country. Either your seller or. The Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping program—buyers pay duties and tax during checkout on eBay via GSP. eBay international standard gives you full control of what you want to charge buyers for shipping (Free, Flat, Calculated) from end to end. With GSP, the buyer always sees the GSP shipping charges, and also any costs you set for the domestic shipping.

The Global Shipping Programme (the Programme) makes certain items (GSP Item(s)) that you list for sale on eBay.co.uk available to buyers outside of the United Kingdom (Buyers). The Programme enables Buyers to obtain parcel processing, international postage, and customs clearance services (the Services) at checkout. It is facilitated by a third party global technology and postage provider, Pitney Bowes Ltd and its affiliates and third party providers. (Pitney Bowes) Drop Shipper Mailing Services. Business Profile. Global Shipping Center. 1850 Airport Exchange Blvd Ste 200. Erlanger, KY 41018-1045

The Global Shipping Program expands your shopping horizons by thousands of items in hundreds of categories. This means you're more likely to find exactly what you want—or discover that incredible, hard-to-find item you can't find locally. And, with protections in place for both buyer and seller, shopping globally is just as easy and worry-free as shopping locally. So all you need to do. Many are familiar with eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) - the seller is only responsible for sending their packages to a domestic address, and eBay's shipping partner takes over: Send your eligible item to our domestic shipping center, and once it reaches us, your job is done: We'll manage the international shipping and customs process for you

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  1. It can take about 3-5 business days for packages to make it out west to the Vancouver region and possibly the same amount of time for outer provinces like New Brunswick etc. If you happen to live in the downtown core of Toronto you may see your package as soon as 1 or 2 business days after it clears customs
  2. ebay | How To | The Global Shipping Program: Adding Weights and Dimensions - YouTube. ebay | How To | The Global Shipping Program: Adding Weights and Dimensions. Watch later
  3. article; Contacting a buyer or bidder. When you're selling on eBay, you might sometimes need to get in touch with a buyer. Depending on whether they've already purchased an item from you, or have just bid on one of your.
  4. Arrived at US shipping Center, Feb-04-13, 15:58 PM, Erlanger, KY, 41018 In Transit-Scheduled for delivery next business day, Feb-02-13, 10:58 AM, INDEPENDENCE, KY, 41051 In Transit-At local FedEx facility, Feb-02-13, 10:50 AM, INDEPENDENCE, KY, 4105

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Als erstes bekommst du eine Tracking Nr. von Ebay die mit UAA anfängt. Als zweites bekommst du dann eine Mail von USPS mit einer neuen Tracking Nr. die du Online verfolgen kannst jedoch nur bis Erlangen ( USA ) Danach musst du eine Mail nach Pitney Bowes ( In Englisch mit der Tracking Nr. von USPS ) zusenden und fragen wo dein Paket bleibt. Die Antwort bekommst du innerhalb weniger Stunden. Du bekommst dann eine neue Nachverfolgungsnummer von Hermes Internationa Sie können die meisten Dinge bei eBay kaufen, ohne dass Sie ein eBay-Konto dafür benötigen. Jedoch können Sie ohne Konto nicht die Vorteile nutzen, die Mitgliedern zustehen. Sind Sie ein Catch-Käufer und haben Fragen zu Ihrem Kauf bei Catch? Lesen Sie unsere Informationen zu Catch unter Hilfe & Kontakt. 4 Minuten Lesezeit; Sendung für Ihren Artikel nachverfolgen. Sie können Ihr Paket. Your Seller is responsible for shipping the GSP Item to a facility located within the United Kingdom (the UK Shipping Center). Pitney Bowes will designate your Seller as the Exporter of the GSP Item that you purchase or, at its discretion, will designate itself or one of its service providers as the Exporter in lieu of your Seller to facilitate the customs clearance of the GSP Item upon its receipt at the UK Shipping Center. This is likely to apply mainly to GSP Items that. eBay Sellers on the Hook for Global Delivery Probl: by: val2525 : Sat Jan 5 12:21:55 2019: The letter writer has not given us enough information. Did the seller ship to an outside independent forwarding service, or was this shipped via eBay's Global Shipping Program? I can see eBay not wanting to protect items shipped to independent forwarders.

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You can contact the seller to ask them to add tracking. Track a guest order. To track items you bought as a guest, you'll need the order confirmation we sent to the email address you entered at checkout. Find your eBay guest order confirmation email. The subject line starts with Order Confirmed. Select View order details Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI) ist ein amerikanisches Logistikunternehmen, das mit dem eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) zusammenarbeitet. Die Organisation arbeitet eng mit Vertretern des E-Commerce zusammen, liefert Pakete von amerikanischen Online-Shops und eBay. Der Verkäufer schickt die Ware an das Lager der Firma Pitney Bowes, Inc., die in diesem Fall als Postweiterleitung fungiert. Der Mail Forwarder liefert das Paket in das Bestimmungsland und sendet es an den örtlichen Kurier oder die. I called up eBay today and they were able to transfer me to the department responsible for the Global Shipping Program, turns out there's a bug on the eBay system for the past week or two which causes the updated tracking information for multiple carriers not to show up properly. The staff were very nice however, and were able to manually give me the FedEx tracking number. The item is on its way safely I recently purchased an item from america using the global shipping program, took 2 months to arrive to australia, when i noticed it had been updated to delivered at 2.00am friday on my ebay purchases page. There was no item. I went to australia post gave them all 3 tracking numbers provided. Auspo..

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Die Sendung ist ueber das GSP (Global Shipping Program) von ebay geschickt worden. Dort werden alle Sendungen nach Europa gesammelt, umgepackt und ueber GB nach Europa eingefuehrt. Einen Beleg ueber bezahlte Zollgebuehren bekommst Du nicht. Wenn der Deutsche Zoll die GB-Verzollung nicht glaubt/nicht anerkennt, zahlst Du nochmal Einfuhrabgaben. Wenn die Sendung verloren geht, weiss niemand wo. Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI) est une société de logistique américaine qui coopère avec eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP). L'organisation coopère étroitement avec les représentants du commerce électronique, livre les colis des magasins en ligne américains et eBay.Le vendeur envoie les marchandises à l'entrepôt de la société Pitney Bowes, Inc, qui, dans ce cas, fait office de transfert. RACISM is NOT the main point of this video. Listen to the video very carefully and understand what is being said about Trade, Relations, Current Issues. If.. When you purchase a Global Postal Shipping label, you'll print a USPS domestic shipping label addressed to the closest Asendia processing center. When our Global Postal Shipping Partner receives your package from USPS, they replace the domestic shipping label with a USPS international shipping label or other national postal carrier addressed to your buyer, that includes the customs. Welcome to the eBay Community your community. It's a meeting-point for eBay buyers and sellers to chat, ask questions and exchange advice and tips with each other. Here, you'll find many features such as the Answer Centre, Discussion Boards, Videos and Groups - all built with you in mind to connec..

Find answers to your buying, selling, and account questions, or contact us for more help. eBay Customer Service 588549831915 c872af40-d53b-4086-a787-d2dc075e819a:178e553eae3 1999 This will be the last video I make regarding this subject as these people dont deserve anything short of being shut down and they are wasting my time and pat.. Use http://ebay.to/2pCZwoS to increase your sales by up to 15%. Watch and learn how to make offer GSP in your current listings. With the Global Shipping Prog.. Welcome to the eBay Global Trade resource center where you can search, buy, and sell across the global eBay marketplace. Search for items from around the world: Keywords eBay's Worldwide Sites: Argentina * Brazil * Canada Colombia * Mexico * United States: Austria Belgium France Germany Ireland Italy: Netherlands Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom: Australia China Hong Kong India Korea. Help & Contact; Current language English English. Sell; Watch List Expand Watch List. Loading... Sign in to see your user information. My eBay Expand My eBay. Summary; Recently Viewed; Bids/Offers; Watch List; Purchase History; Selling; Saved Searches; Saved Sellers; Messages; Notification. Expand Cart. Loading... Something went wrong. View cart for details. Welcome to eBay.ca. You've signed.

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The Advantage of Using the Global Shipping Program . The biggest advantage of the Global Shipping Program is that it's free, straightforward, and simple. All eligible listings for sellers who qualify are automatically included in the Global Shipping Program. The items are listed as usual, and when a buyer makes a purchase, the seller ships the item to a US shipping center Find answers to your buying, selling and account questions, or contact us for more help. eBay Customer Support 591130110798 f76be84b-f628-4883-97b6-72176a0a06d6:1791a53af74 1999 Sie können natürlich auch jederzeit eBay kontaktieren. Sobald Sie Ihr Thema ausgewählt haben, erhalten Sie alle zur Verfügung stehenden Kontakt- möglichkeiten. Für einen Anruf erhalten Sie die direkte Telefonnummer und eine dazugehörige PIN. Warum brauchen Sie eine PIN? Wenn Sie eingeloggt sind, erhalten Sie von uns eine PIN zum Telefonieren. Über diese PIN stellen wir sicher, dass wir. Antworten zum Kaufen, Verkaufen und zu Ihrem eBay-Konto finden oder weitere Hilfe anfordern. eBay-Kundenservice 591117743155 b6a966b2-51d5-433c-9f2d-2f60dd215a5c:1791a1eb85c 1999 eBay Inc. is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our portfolio of brands includes eBay Marketplace and eBay Classifieds Group, operating in 190 markets around the world

The eBay Classifieds Group helps people find what they're looking for in their local communities. Our 12 classifieds brands span the globe and help make a difference by creating a world where people share more and waste less eBay Global Shipping is a single window shipment solution supported by reputed Logistic Service Providers. This is a shipment facilitation service designed for benefit of Indian CBT Sellers who ship their products out of the country (Exports).. Indian Sellers who wish to increase their business by exporting their products by listing them on eBay now have the option to choose eBay Global.

eBay merchants are able to store their inventory in our fulfillment center at a low cost, and without any long-term storage fees. Our award-winning fulfillment company provides first-rate service and support to eBay sellers, which starts by working together to get your inventory to our warehouse, including coordinating shipments and providing you with inbound freight discounts Contacting a seller. How you contact a seller on eBay depends on whether you've already bought an item from them or not. 1 min article; Contacting a buyer or bidder. When you're selling on eBay, you might sometimes need to get in touch with a buyer. Depending on whether they've already purchased an item from you or have just bid on one of your.

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  1. Global Shipping Programme The Global Shipping Programme is still open and active to all eligible countries. We are working with all the logistics providers globally to ensure the movement of orders from the UK to our global buyers
  2. eBay's Global Privacy Team works to protect the privacy of our user's personal information throughout all of our businesses; We provide advice to our businesses on the appropriate use and disclosure of personal information; We work to develop and foster a business culture that values privacy at all of our businesses through awarenes
  3. The Global Shipping Program is a global shipping solution that helps your international purchases on eBay clear customs and get delivered to you quickly and efficiently. If your purchase was shipped through the Global Shipping Program, the final price you agreed to pay at the time of purchase included the total price of your item(s) plus shipping & handling and import charges. PayPal then separated this total price into two payments: one to your seller and one to the Program's technology.
  4. Um den eBay-Kundenservice telefonisch zu erreichen, klicken Sie auf Hilfe oben auf der eBay-Website. Wählen Sie Ihren gewünschten Themenbereich aus bzw. folgen Sie den Hinweisen. Wenn Sie bereits bei eBay eingeloggt sind, können Sie sehr einfach mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen. Sie finden dann weitere Telefonnummern und Kontaktmöglichkeiten per E-Mail: Wählen Sie im Dropdown-Menü das Thema.
  5. You can contact eBay customer support on the phone at 1-866-961-9253 or for tech support at 1-866-961-9253. You can also reach eBay customer support through live chat or email on their main Help.
  6. Contact us about your delivery, arrange a new collection, raise a claim, check your invoice etc. either via Chat or Email. We are available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00. CONTACT US NO
  7. Contact Our customer and technical support team are available via live chat, and web-form. IMPORTANT : If you are an existing customers of our Online Stores shipping service or of our suite of services Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) solutions, please raise a ticket here for assistance

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Global Shipping Programme. Using our Global Shipping Programme to post your items internationally is a great way to simplify international selling. Simply send your products to a UK Shipping Centre and we will take care of the rest. More about the Global Shipping Programme eBay's Online Customer Service provides you with the information you need to buy and sell. If you can't find the answer, we'll connect you with one of our team members. If you can't find the answer, we'll connect you with one of our team members If you are new to selling on eBay, and receive payouts to your bank account, or if eBay already manages payments for your account, some information on this page may no longer be relevant to you. When eBay manages your payments, we will send your payouts directly to your bank account instead of your PayPal account. Your fees, expenses and charges will be deducted automatically from your earnings before you get paid. To learn more about the change, visit the eBay Seller Centre for Payments About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new feature

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You can save even more by offering free shipping within Canada—because domestic shipping is free, you won't pay any final value fees on shipping, whether your buyer is within Canada or the US. For example, if a buyer chooses international shipping and you specified free shipping as your first domestic option on your eBay.ca listing, you don't pay any final value fees on shipping charges for. eBay's Online Customer Service provides you with the information you need to buy and sell. If you can't find the answer, we'll connect you with one of our team members


  1. Global Shipping Co., LLC, will never send you an email asking you for money or to click a link to log in to you account. We highly recommend that you never click on links in email messages that ask for your personal or account information. Always know who you are dealing with on all domestic and international transactions. Thank You
  2. You will have access to all refund requests via eBay Resolution Centre. By centralizing resolutions, you'll have greater visibility into claims and disputes, and be able to manage them more effectively. For the majority of claims, returns, and refunds, eBay will continue to follow existing policies, and refunds will be returned to the original payment method the buyer used at time of purchase
  3. Clarification of the eBay UK Global Selling Programme post code By Dan Wilson July 4, 2017 - 9:06 pm Yesterday we wrote about some confusion about the eBay Global Shipping Programme address
  4. For general information only, please email eBay's GAP team. Please note that no official requests will be satisfied or responded to if received by email. Note: The GAP team is dedicated to assisting law enforcement officers only and won't respond to general enquiries from members. Please contact Customer Service for assistance
  5. Toutes les annonces publiées sur eBay.fr ne peuvent pas bénéficier du Service de livraison internationale. eBay se réserve le droit de modifier à tout moment, avec ou sans préavis, les conditions d'admissibilité des objets au Service de livraison internationale, notamment les limites relatives au nombre, au type, à la catégorie et/ou à la valeur des objets et/ou des transactions. Vous vous engagez à ne pas utiliser le Service de livraison internationale pour acheter des objets qui.
  6. eBay Deals; Buyer Protection; eBay Stores; Sell; Sell in Malaysia; Seller Centre; Postage Centre; Sell to the US; International Selling; eBay Companies; Gumtree; Shopping.com; Stay Connected; Facebook; Twitter; About eBay; Affiliates; Law Enforcement; Help & Contact; Answer Centre; eBay Explained; Education Centre; Security Centre; Community; Announcements; eBay Site
  7. Start capitalizing on global demand, learn the basics of international shipping and get the support you need to take the next step in your global business strategy
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Shipping to: N. and S. America, Mexico, Brazil, Russian Federation, Japan Cost: $4.97 each additional $3.97 An eBay Store maintained by: Member id sbuchanan99 ( Feedback Score Of 82 Looking for a new fulfillment center? Easyship can help! See how you can manage all of your shipping and order fulfillment processes through our software. Sign Up Features Customers Pricing Pricing Resources Log In; Sign Up Fulfillment Built For Global Growth Increase your sales potential, lower costs and save time by leveraging our global fulfillment center partners. GET IN TOUCH Get Big. eBay Contact Information United Kingdom 0700 500 3229 (eBay General Number — UK Calling Rates Apply) 020 8605 3111 (UK Power Seller's Help Line — UK Calling Rates Apply The first step is to contact the member through the Resolution Centre and try to resolve the problem. To start the resolution process, please tell us what your problem is: I bought an item. I sold an item. I haven't received it yet. I haven't received my payment yet. I received an item that does not match the seller's description. The buyer and I agree to cancel a transaction. Continue. Global Shipping & Logistics Services. Important Updates on Coronavirus . We're continually monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus disease and taking every action to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. Get the Latest. Delivering possibility. Remarkable services that go beyond shipping and tracking to help you expand your business. Discover UPS Services. Give your customers. The first step is to contact the member through the Resolution Center and try to resolve the problem. To start the resolution process, please tell us what your problem is: I bought an item. I sold an item. I haven't received it yet. I haven't received my payment yet. I received an item that does not match the seller's description. I need to cancel a transaction. Continue Continue | My problem.

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